One of the most common questions we get asked about our products, is about the price of our products….

“Don’t you know that the shop up the street is selling a ‘Genuine Leather’ wallet that looks just like that for only $29… Why is yours so expensive?”

Unfortunately, there are a LOT of misconceptions about leather, and ‘REAL Leather’.


So… Back to that question about Why is that GREAT Looking product down the road SO cheap when it has ‘Genuine Leather’ Stamped into it?


To answer that, we need to clarify the difference between Bonded Leather, and REAL Leather.


You see, Bonded leather sounds really good, and very few people understand the difference between the 2.

IN FACT… It is almost impossible to tell the difference between the 2 at first glance. With technology advancing the way it is these, days, they are able to make Bonded leather to often look so good, it could fool even the cow it came off!


It looks like leather…  it smells like leather… it even feels like leather…

But Don’t Be Fooled!


Whilst ‘Genuine Leather’ would normally refer to the actual tanned skin that has come off of an animal, MANY Manufacturers are labelling their ‘bonded leather’ products as Genuine Leather.

What you need to know is What the difference is…


Bonded Leather is a man made material that consists of a Material or paper backing, ground leather scraps, glue and a polyurethane coating.

The process is quite simple….

The Leather industry gets a lot of scraps and waste generally from belly areas and other sections of the animal other than the main area of side and back that is taken for a full hide.

These scraps are then put into a machine and ground to a mush pulp that can be then spread evenly over the material backing. A strong glue is mixed with the mush to help it ‘bond’ together, and once it is dry, a polyurethane layer is applied to which the embossing and colouring can be applied to make it look like real leather.

Due to the fact that the product contains real leather, they are still able to label it as ‘Genuine Leather’ as long as it contains more than 20% Leather particles in its make-up…

That’s right, your nice looking ‘genuine leather’ bag may actually only be made of 20% leather and the rest is glue, fabric and polyurethane…


There are a few things you can do to know if it is real leather and not just bonded, however sometimes it just isn’t practical to test the product for authenticity…

The truest test is by using fire. As bonded leather is mainly glue and polyurethane, it will light up very quickly and burn when exposed to fire. Real leather will not catch fire easily at all, and will more char, then turn straight to ash.

However, we do not recommend you going into a retail store and pulling out a lighter to check their products for quality and authenticity.

So that is why we offer a 1 year guarantee on all our leather goods.

Bonded leather will almost ALWAYS show it’s true colours within 6 months, so you are going to find out pretty quickly whether it is the real deal or not…

With our products, there is no need to be uncertain about its quality…

We want you to enjoy your product right from day 1 with a hassle free experience, and that is why we give you a full 1 year guarantee on all our leather goods, just for your own peace of mind. Frankly, that is what any reputable store should be offering anyway.

To find out more about our guarantee, then please visit the guarantee page by clicking on this link.

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