Choose Your Belt

How To Choose Your Leather Belt?

men's leather beltThe belt is a crucial accessory for your outfit. Also, it is necessary to be vigilant when to the choice of this one. Here are some tips that may help you in your decision.

At first, the belt is a matter of taste. Depending on whether you are more sportswear or elegant you will choose leather or fabric with a thin loop or conversely a big circle. Whatever the case, be sure always to coordinate your belt with your outfit, a thin leather belt will go with a suit while a full leather or beautiful fabric belt will be combined with a more casual or trendy outfit.

Think hard about the type of leather used for your belt. Many major manufacturers use bonded leather for their products. This is the lowest quality available – nothing more than ground-up scraps of leather mixed with glue & pressed into a sheet. Other makers take more care and pride in their products. Some, such as Victory Leathercraft are at the opposite end of the luxury leather belt market and use only the best of English bridle leathers in their belts.

They also take great care in their choice of hardware – using solid brass or stainless steel, unlike mass manufacturers who use poor quality zinc or so-called zamak alloys that are brittle & weak.

My personal favourite when it comes to the choice of leathers for a men’s belt is that of Oak Bark Leather. Not leather MADE from oak bark but tanned with it. Again, the one maker who stands head & shoulders above others when it comes to making oak bark belts is Victory Leathercraft. Whilst mentioning them, I ought to say that they make the most beautiful handmade leather backpacks I’ve ever seen!

The choice of the size of your belt also responds to a simple rule; it must always close at the level of the central hole. The length of the strap between the loop and the center hole should match your waist.

If you prefer simplicity choose an adjustable waist belt that will just cut to your measurements.

veg-tan man's leather belt

Choose Your Belt According To Your Morphology

You Are Androgynous

This is for you to feminize your pace and mark your size. You will wear a rather large and conspicuous belt. Try to wear it as often as possible and adapt it to all your outfits. Choose skirts and high-waist-ed trousers to emphasize your shapes by belting them around the waist. You can even belt your jackets and coats to stylize the ensemble.

You Have A Generous Breast, Thighs And Around The Waist

You have a real silhouette of a woman who fantasizes but can sometimes complex you. It is therefore for you to harmonize the shape avoiding the effect “bottle of Orangina.” A colorful belt, feminine but not too full unusually. To emphasize your chest and lengthen your bust, adjust your strap just under the breasts. Placed, so it also hides hips a bit too wide. Wear it with high-waited jeans forever longer legs.

Sublimate your round hips by sliding your belt a little loose just above your buttocks.